Say What?!?!


I go to a retreat with friends a couple times a year to scrapbook. I know that people who don’t scrapbook don’t understand this ritual but, we do it. The last couple times we’ve gone on a retreat, we started writing down various quotes people say. Here are some from the Knoxville retreat July 23, 2010:

* “It burns my cracks.”

“A tape measure and a measuring tape are not the same thing!”

“I really like your rack.”

“I got a greasy stick!”

“I have a beaver… and a raccoon!”

“It’s very sexy. That’s the name. I’m not complimenting you.”

Don’t these quotes make you want to go on a retreat with us?


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  1. Those just crack me up!!!! I laughed out loud because I can just hear you guys saying this! We should do that this next weekend! We’ve never done it there!

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