Thanksgiving “Schedule” – Awesome, Right?


I hosted Thanksgiving this year for a much smaller group than usual – only 8 people. There were no kids and no clumsy people so we even decided to use actual CHINA for a much more fancy dinner than we’ve ever done before. We rarely use our china so it was neat to have it all laid out with the stemware. The table was really lovely.  Although being the  total loser I am, I didn’t take a picture of it, so you’ll have to just take my word. Just imagine real cloth napkins, a lovely white tablecloth (made of actual cloth), matching flatware and we made place cards out of brightly colored leaves. The table was only decorated with candles so it was all very lovely.

Trying to avoid what my daughter so lovingly calls “Horrible Holiday Mom”, I wanted to be very organized this year and have a decisive plan. Hubby helped tremendously the day before and we cleaned the floors, cooked and even set the table all the day before. In an effort to make sure everyone knew what needed to be done when, I created this and posted it on the fridge:

This way,  Hubby and my daughter could look at the time and check the schedule and they could just start preparing the next item without any instructions from me. I prepared it the day before and proudly walked over to show it to Hubby who promptly exclaimed, “You are a big dork.”

So, what do you think? Amazingly awesomely organized or…  a huge nerd?


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  1. I think if you have people helping you, a schedule like this is invaluable! How annoying it would’ve been to have them constantly asking you what needs to be done next. Great job!

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